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Website Analysis


Would you love to increase your chances of having your book listed on page one of Google search? Would you like to increase your chances of knowing how you can replace your competitors on page one of Google? Of course you do. That is what our Website Analysis is all about. We have a comprehensive analysis that shows you what your top competitors are doing to keep their books highly visible on the web, as well as strategies you can use to improve your visibility. Knowing this information will help you to more clearly define your market and effectively compete for traffic.


Once we do the analysis, we will structure a unique marketing campaign around the specific factors identified. This is what makes our program different from the others: we are only keying in on competition that is directly related to the individual client. The analysis will identify:


  • your competitors' strategies
  • recommendations for improving your Website copy
  • identifying the most effective keywords for your individual book
  • traffic analysis