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Self-Publishing Business 101


The Art and Science of Book Promotion

Part 3: Expectations of returns


Jon Fitch

(Founder and CEO of Publish Wholesale)



October 2015

Copyright Publish Wholesale



Looking back


Previously we’ve discussed that writing is a three-stage journey: from the actual writing to publishing, and to marketing the book. We focused on the dynamics of book promotions, comparing it to running a small business or start-up. It has the same cycles, initial needs, trial-and-error scenarios, not the least the same fears and thrills involved.


In the first two parts of this series, we talked about capitalization and delegation as two business components of book promotions, the rest being expectation of returns, systems orientation, and fear.


Breaking even for book promotions requires at least 18 months. Any planning less than this time frame can compromise your goal of belonging to the top self-published earners.


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