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Ready to Sell Package


5 Softcovers Printed / Shipped       $959


10 Softcovers Printed / Shipped                                        *


* No High-Level Manuscript Review

* Only for manuscripts with 250 pages or less



For the author with an edited manuscript who now needs his/her masterpiece to be printed in book form so it can be published,
displayed online, and distributed worldwide.



High-Level Manuscript Review

Our High-Level Manuscript Review service offers a reading of your manuscript, and then reporting on important elements of review and critique. This includes story synopsis, mechanical editing analysis, and substantive review in the most important categories of relevant writing quality.




Custom Cover Design

We don't believe you have written a generic book. That's why we think you deserve much more than a generic or template cover that looks like thousands of other books on the market. We simply believe that you CAN judge a book by its cover, and we start every project with that core belief ingrained in our design team. You can either create your own design for the front and back covers or you can leave it to our artists. This service also includes up to three revision cycles.




Manuscript Formatting

For 14 years, and more than 50,000 titles, our parent company has offered world-class Manuscript Formatting to publishing companies for less cost and in less time than any other professional provider in the world. Now, we offer that to you—the accomplished author. We still respect the fact that YOU ARE the author, so you can have as much input as you like, and, again, that includes up to three revision cycles.




Publish, Print, Distribute, Royalties

Finally, we'll make all the arrangements for your publishing, printing, distribution, royalties, ecommerce, and discounts. We'll buy your ISBN and ship 10 copies of your beautiful book right to your door. You'll never again have your book published by a company that later disappears, and you'll never again pay more for distribution worldwide or receive less than you should in royalties.