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Publishing, Distribution, and Printing


A huge advantage in working with Publish Wholesale is the leverage you can’t get anywhere else, built upon the solid foundation of our parent company—Accurance™, the largest independent book production firm in the world. You benefit from more than a decade of experience with every kind of prepress production project, about 10,000 per year, for most of the biggest names in the industry—all at high quality and low price.


When you work with us, you plug into that same system for your production and services, as well as our leverage from partnerships we’ve forged with some of the largest and most stable firms in the industry. To you, it’s seamless, and you will benefit from the best prices and royalties available in the market. Most importantly, you’ll never have to worry about disappearing publishing vendors, because none of our firms are going to disappear—we are far past that phase. We are all big, proven successful, and enduring.


We’ll make all of the following arrangements for you:


  • You’ll be published by one of our two large publishers under either their imprint or your own—your choice.
  • Your book will be included on their Website's catalog with all of its self-promotion.
  • The number of books you have requested in your package will be printed and shipped to you.
  • We will set up royalties that average—depending on the price and other variables you choose—40% of sales price.
  • We will set up a full ecommerce so that the sale of each of your books automatically triggers the printing and shipping of that book to the buyer, as well as the distribution of the monies to you and all other parties involved.
  • We will set up your own online account, and then turn it all over to you once complete—username and password—where you can monitor the ecommerce at any time and order more books at cost.


Here are even more highlights of this service:


  • We will successfully upload all files for your book, so you’re fully ready for publication and/or printing.
  • We will arrange the optimal—maximum for least cost—distribution channels for your book. You will be listed on:

International Amazon sites

Barnes & Noble bookstores

Ingram database—where brick-and-mortar bookstores purchase wholesale

Baker and Taylor


  • We will send your bibliographic data to US and UK ISBN agencies.
  • We will acquire your ISBN for your book.
  • We will supply price and ISBN barcodes.
  • We will guarantee that your book complies with the mandatory requirements for distribution.
  • We will process all necessary paperwork for your agreements on royalties, margins, etc.


We will walk you through every question and answer, and then implement it all for you, so you don’t have to do anything to get set up and ready to sell. You’ll be done and ready to write your next book. Best of all, you’ll own your book and your art, and receive 50% to 80% (and usually 80%) of the profits from every sale.


Give us just one chance to impress you. It’s all we need! We are absolutely dedicated to perform far beyond your expectations.