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Publishing and Promotions
for the Accomplished Author

Many can write a poetry collection or even an amateur novel. But at (PW), we're seeking accomplished authors. PW can cater to these special writers like no other firm worldwide as you'll see below. And, if you're reading this, you're one of them. We simply offer you world-class quality at half the price; in fact, less than any other comparable firm in the world. We firmly believe and commit to you that you'll never have to seek another publisher again—and you won't want to. If you examine this website—particularly the comparison tables you'll find—we know you'll believe it, too.

While PW is fairly new, our parent company, Accurance, beautifully and professionally produces over 10,000 projects every year—world-class cover design, formatting, editing, manuscript analysis, illustrations, and ebook conversion—not only for small and medium-sized publishers, but for most of the largest self publishing services firms in the world as well. Hence, as the proud child of the single largest independent book production house in the world, we're tapped into their custom, high-quality, and high-powered production system. (That's why the "W" in "PW" is possible for you!)

Our Parent Company

In 1999, entrepreneur and industry pioneer Jon Fitch, realizing thousands of publishing companies across America needed a cost-effective resource for production services to compete with industry giants like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and others, opened Accurance. Four years after partnering with his first client—which saw Accurance™ doing 100% of their production for 25% as much cost as the client charged their author clients—that client became and remains the largest POD author services firm in the world. Since then, several of the largest providers in the industry have joined them to have most or all of their work done by Accurance.

In fact, if you have already published a book with a print on demand or self publishing company, there is a very good chance Accurance did the production work.

That's why, for the first time, we're offering these same services, as well as affordable and proven promotions, directly to authors at wholesale prices through

Give our services a try and you'll understand why we say we're absolutely dedicated to impress you far beyond your expectations!