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Media Pro       $6560


For the author working with an adequate budget and very serious in investing time and funds to promote his or her books as well as building an audience. He or she wants to be taught how to become his or her own promotional expert, actively participating in the creation (and growth) of his or her high-level and comprehensive promotional system so that a good part of the system can be run by him or her personally onwards.



Website Creation (Standard Level)

You cannot create a following without your own Website, and that is what we’ll create for you. Your Website will have all the information about you and your book, including both text and graphics. It will be a host for your articles, press release links, blog(s), and social media link(s). It will be set up in a way that readers can easily to go to your retailer for the purchase of either your printed book or your ebook. A few highlights of the Standard Level: five web pages; up to seven graphic placements; original art creation; a gallery with your teaser video; and links to multiple other parts of your promotional system.



Search Engine Optimization (Standard Level)

It is fine to have a Website, social media sites, and the like, but if you aren’t “seen” on the web by people interested in the topics your book is concerned with, you can be good, smart, and an expert, but nobody will know. The competition for attention on the web is intense, and if you aren’t aggressive in your attempts to find and attract your target to your site and book, they will likely not even know you exist. SEO is absolutely essential in addressing that problem. Its purpose, simply put, is to employ the methods that will put you at the top of the search engine list—ideally on page one—that results when someone interested in your topics conducts a search engine search. At the Standard Level, service is provided for 2 months.



Social Media (Standard Level)

The most important thing in social media is learning not only how to set up the accounts, but also learning how to connect all of the social media pieces and managing them. You will be coached on setting up and using social media to increase your book visibility and networking strategies. Once we assist you with setting up the social networking streams that you feel are important to you, we will provide coaching. At the Standard Level, we assume you already have social media setup. Training and coaching will be provided for 2 months.



Press Release and Press Kit with Video plus Distribution (Premium Level)

We will develop a professionally written and fully optimized search engine press release unique to you with embedded keywords. This will be distributed globally to multiple networks. Aside from the press release, Premium Level includes the press kit that consists of a bio page, suggested interview questions, media tip sheet, and embedded book trailer to be found in the press release.




Video Book Trailer

You will receive a professionally made 30 to 60-second book trailer and distribution packages. The number of “views” we get for our authors usually crushes the number that competitors manage to get.





Content Development

Our job in Content Development is to initially set up, assist, edit, and teach how you, the writer, can start to gain a steady increase in audience through writing and speaking regularly online. At the Podcasting, Blogging, and Articles part, we will show you how to write and optimize articles, Website copy, podcasts, and blogs.