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High-Level Manuscript Review (HLMR)


No matter how well a manuscript reads, there may still be mistakes that need immediate correction before it is sent for final editing or for publication. With our High-Level Manuscript Review, we dig deeper into their work to help authors carefully prepare their manuscript. Our service includes evaluation of context and structure (grammar, spelling, plot, setting, characterizations, etc.), as well as recommendations that will help authors know what issues to address and how to fix them.


High-Level Manuscript Review – Standard

Our High-Level Manuscript Review service offers a reading of your manuscript, and then a detailed report on the three-level examination of the multiple elements of manuscript review and critique.


  • Manuscript Review Synopsis


We will write a synopsis of your manuscript, touching on the main points of the plot, character, and style, as well as identifying the niches overall that the manuscript most likely needs to target.


  • Mechanical Editing Analysis


We use a rigorous version of the Chicago Manual of Style mechanical editing (ME) across 18 different categories for nearly 100,000 pages of manuscripts annually for publishers. The same professionals who edit those pages will edit a selection from your manuscript and provide an analysis. We will report on the degree of editing that will be required to bring your manuscript to the highest possible level of accuracy.


  • Substantive Analysis


We perform an analysis of how you approach and utilize good storytelling basics, as well as the writing quality in general, including the following areas as relevant:





Exposition/back story



Character actions




We wrap it all up in a summary of what our experts consider are the most important points you need to know.