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EDAPT (eBook Distribution and Sales)




All new Publish Wholesale EDAPT titles will appear on the ‘home’ ebook store libraries found on each ebook reader device, including:


Apple iPad iBooks

Amazon Kindle

Barnes and Noble Nook

Kobo (Borders) e-Reader


More ebook Reader Devices to Come

Ebook readers will continue to spring into the market. Those listed above constitute just the majority of ebook sales. However, all titles distributed in EDAPT are also featured on the eBookstore websites of these same firms, and on iTunes for Apple products.


Time Lapse from Ebook Files Ready until ‘Live and For Sale’ on Ebook Device Libraries and Websites

The distribution system for each firm having an ebook device in our system has particular gateways, quality control systems, and operations required to take an ebook title from ‘received’ until that title is ‘live’ and available for sale. Here is the typical time lapse for each device, from the time the ebook versions for a title are completed and approved by our Accurance clients, and our client has completed correctly the metadata information form necessary, until the title appears ‘live’ and for sale:



It is expected that over the next few months, the average time lapse will decrease, but there may be peak traffic times for all parties as the industry experiences present explosive growth that temporarily cause time lapse to be higher as well.


Sales Reporting and Payment

Sales and royalty reporting and payout vary in their frequency among the ebook store providers. Below is a guideline table of the current frequency of royalty reporting and payments made currently by each provider. We discourage our publisher clients from making specific claims to their author clients about the reporting and payout frequencies and methods until the detail page is complete. The table below is meant as a guideline to be used generally until that time.


You will be able to access the latest statistics online, showing sales and royalties for each title, showing as well what ebook store is responsible for what portion of sales.



*Our system will be updated every 30 days. The update frequency of each retailer varies.


Everything Changes Always

If you’ve never been a part of a new and exploding industry, you’re in one now. All particulars are changing at very high speed with all the players in the ebook industry. It is the nature of a new and exploding industry; don’t take it personally, and please don’t pretend it is avoidable. You must be aware that all the details listed above are subject to change without notice. There is no way around this in an industry that is evolving so quickly.


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