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Book Scanning


One question we get a lot is this: "All I have is a hard copy or printed version of my book, and I need to get it back to a word document so I can revise it, re-publish it, and release it as an ebook. Is that possible?"


Not only is it possible, but we may be the only one in the world that can do it—and with the highest possible quality and accuracy.


Our parent company has the background in both the publishing and non-publishing worlds to convert printed text to "live files" like Microsoft Word. They've pulled text and data from tens of millions of pages at or above 99.992% accuracy. Here are the steps:


  • Your book must first be converted back to a Word document through a combination of scanning and proprietary data capture software developed over the years. This also gives you a chance to revise the content and/or cover.
  • We will then need to professionally format it (aka "Page Design"), so it will have a professional look. Both the printed book and the ebook require formatting. (If someone tells you ebooks don't need formatting, run the other way before it's too late!)
  • We will recreate the book cover for you, or create one with a new look—it's entirely up to you.
  • We can then take the formatted file and cover and create an ebook version as well.


You now have your book back. Additionally, because we won't refuse to give you the "live files" or the live formatted file like virtually all publishers insist on, you'll have your book forever and never have to recapture it again!